Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I Think I’m Being Mocked

I just wrote that post yesterday, about Spring being on the way.  At the end of the day yesterday, there was absolutely no snow on the deck.  None.

A storm moved in overnight.  We were supposed to get rain (most likely) so Jeffrey and I didn’t get up to go walking this morning.  But when we did get up and he was getting ready for work, I looked out the window and realized that instead of rain, we were getting snow – and we should have gotten up and shoveled the driveway.  I figured it would be fine; we couldn’t have gotten that much, and I could just shovel later when it stopped.  Then the plow went through right before he had to leave, throwing all that extra snow at the end of the driveway – so we had to at least shovel the end of the driveway and probably Jeffrey’s side so he could leave.   That’s when I realized the snow might not be that deep, but it was wet and heavy and still coming down hard – so I better shovel the whole driveway while I was at it.  Otherwise I was afraid it would get too deep and heavy for me to move it.

It continued snowing heavily for some time even after I came in.  Nope, today it doesn’t look like Spring at all.  Tomorrow, who knows?

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  1. Yikes yeah I am sick of seeing this white stuff....we had the snow now we are getting rain, rain, rain....I'm so ready for spring!! (the warm sunny kind)


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