Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Moldy Cheese

A few weeks ago, I sent some Pepper Jack cheese back to school with Cory.  Yesterday he sent me a message on facebook telling me that he had forgotten about it, and it had mold on it.  Should he throw it away?  So I told him, no, just cut the mold off and then wash the knife before slicing the cheese to eat.

It reminded me of one of the first care packages my mom sent me when I was in college.  I can't remember what else she sent, but I do remember a nice loaf of home-made bread.  The thing is, I didn't eat it right away, and when I did get it out, I found it covered in mold, and I had to throw it away.  I was very disappointed, and even back then I felt horrible about wasting a perfectly good loaf of bread.  It just never had occurred to me that he bread would get moldy.  I don't think we ever had bread around long enough for it to get moldy when I was growing up.  I made bread every week (6 loaves?) and we used it. 

By the way, I made the bread because mom said mine was better than hers - and I believed her.  Now I think she probably just said that so I'd do it and she wouldn't have to, but that's OK, because I've always loved baking bread.  Which reminds me, I need to go put the bread in the oven.


  1. Yep, it was 6 loaves every week. Now I have to wonder however did it last long enough. I'm sure yours was better than mine. Besides you did enjoy making it. I believe I made it when you were in school...don't quite remember how that worked. I made sourdough bread last week. It was/is quite good. I'm out of yeast and didn't want to buy any this close to DUB.

  2. HAHA, I used to get suckered into making popcorn every night because my mom and step dad would swear ,my popcorn was better than theirs. At least it was just popcorn though, if it had been bread i'd have been a little miffed. That's a lot of work!


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