Monday, March 28, 2011

Went to Michigan for the Weekend

We had an awesome weekend in Michigan with some wonderful people.  I wish they weren't 6 hours away - or that Lake Michigan wasn't between us and we didn't have to go through Chicago to get there - but it's all worth it to be able to spend time together.

We stayed up way too late, ate lots of good food, had lots of great conversation, and enjoyed the company of some amazing young people.  It makes me wish we could do it more often.  Then again, I don't know if we could survive.

We left home Friday morning and didn't get home until around 8:30 last night.  And then we had to load up all Cory's stuff and take him back to school because Spring Break is over, so by the time we were finally home for good, it was time to watch the news and go to bed.  And morning came too early...

So, I'll get caught up one of these days.  Yeah, I know, I keep saying that, maybe someday it will be true.  I will at least pick a winner for my BabyBond giveaway by tomorrow, so those of you who entered, keep a look out for my email!  But, for now, it's almost bedtime again, and I'm tired.