Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Calendars - Tabbed and Counted

We got the calendars back from the printer yesterday - all delivered to the high school at 1pm. Most of them needed one tab put on, to keep them closed for mailing. Luckily, this week is band camp, and we arranged with the principal and new band director to have the band come in and help us. Those kids were awesome and whipped through those calendars! We were supposed to have them for half an hour but ended up getting them for 45 minutes, and they got about 3000 calendars done. Last year we didn't realize how good they were and didn't give them enough calendars so there were just a few of us left to finish up, and we ended up being there until 9pm or so. This time, we had them tabbed, counted, boxed and loaded by 6pm!

Our last year, and we finally figure out how to get it done in a timely manner...

Then today we took them to the Post Offices to get them out in the mail. By tomorrow everyone should have their brand-new School District Wall Calendar - only a week into the first month. That's not so bad, is it? Last year's went through August, so it's not like anyone was without a calendar...

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