Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Is the Media Supporting Obama?

Here's an interesting site - it's called UberSpat. Here users can create and participate in active online debates. They can be on any topic, and users can post evidence or arguments, such as blog entries or articles. Evidence is rated, and the best evidence eventually ends up on top. It should turn out to be a good resource site on a variety of topics.

I need to either search out or start a topic on smoking in public places because I'd love to see what people come up with. For now there's an interesting and timely spat entitled: "The media is blatantly supporting Barack Obama's presidential bid". On this topic, I'm just going to say that my usual morning news show seems to be walking a fine line of balance. If they talk to one of the presidential candidates, they talk to the other one. They don't seem to be overly hard, or soft, on either one of them. I guess that puts me on the Oppose side of that topic.

Now, when Hilary was still in the race, they did seem to be on her side, but that may just be because the two anchors are women, and it seemed to be a women's issue. Me, I'm a woman, and I can't stand Hilary.