Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Something's Interfering with My Sleep

TV Olympic 05d.JPGImage by midorisyu via Flickr They had a story on the Olympics last night, saying that they realize watching the Olympics is interfering with everyone's sleep. I guess we're lucky that it only lasts a couple weeks, right? Of course, the Olympics aren't the only thing that interferes with getting a good night's sleep. Having teenagers seems to be interfering with our sleep, too.

Either Beth works until 10pm, and then has to drive home, or she's over at Tim's and not wanting to come home until the last possible minute. Try explaining that, even though it's summertime and she gets to sleep in, the rest of us are still getting up at normal time. This week I may be staying up watching gymnastics or something else important, but most nights I (we) want to get to bed before 11pm. And I'm just not good with going to bed until I know she's safely home where she belongs.

Those of you still buying diapers and crib bedding may think you're not getting any sleep now, but just wait until those precious babies are teenagers. Parents don't get to get a good night's sleep until those kids finally move out. At least that's my theory.
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