Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'd Rather Be Warm and Cozy

As mentioned in my 7 Things post, I really don't like air conditioning. I think I would be able to tolerate it, if only people didn't seem to think that air conditioning and refrigeration are the same thing. Sure, turn the air on to get the humidity out and lower the temperature to a comfortable level. That's OK, but why do you have to try and freeze me out?

When I go shopping in the summertime, I have to remember to dress warmly. Summer clothes just aren't practical. The people I go to church with like the temperature a lot colder than I can stand, and let's not even talk about movie theaters.

Then again, let's talk about movie theaters. Last summer I forgot to take a sweatshirt when we went to see a movie. I was hoping against hope that it wouldn't be too cold in there, but of course it was extra cold that night. There was no way I would have been able to enjoy the movie, so I finally had Cory go out to the van (before the movie started) and get the Mexican blanket that we always carry in there so I could cover up and get warm.

Cabin_cuddlerI wish I had heard of the Cabin Cuddler and had one of these. The Cabin Cuddler was designed for airplane travelers, to keep them warm in those refrigerated summer cabins and also to address the cleanliness and hygeine issues of all those blankets and pillows on the airplanes, the ones that have been used by you don't know who and cleaned probably never. Can we just say "Gross!"?

I don't travel much, but I can see plenty of uses for this in real my life.

I wouldn't have been able to share with Cory in the movie theater because the Cabin Cuddler is contoured for individual use. That's OK; I can be selfish. He just would have had to have his own. The Cabin Cuddler even has a pocket to keep your feet warm - because sandals just don't do it. The coolest (that is the wrong word, isn't it?) thing about the Cabin Cuddler, besides being contoured to keep every part of your body warm and being machine washable, is that it folds up neatly and fits inside its own tote bag with an inflatable pillow, and then the tote bag turns into the pillowcase. That sounds much more convenient and less bulky than that Mexican blanket! I'd love to have one of these in the back of my van so it's available whenever I need it. I could just grab the handy tote bag and take it in with me.

Cory could have used one of these last year when he went on the band trip to Boston, too. He was supposed to take a travel blanket for the bus, but we didn't really have anything big enough to cover him that wasn't bulkier than he wanted to deal with. I don't think he ended up taking anything, and he did survive, but this would have been so much nicer.

The Cabin Cuddler comes in two of my favorite colors, black and cranberry, and shipping is free if you order two or more. I can already picture a cozy winter day, all wrapped up in my Cabin Cuddler, reading a book. With the Cabin Cuddler you can turn the thermostat down and save money! I'll have to order black, because I'm afraid the cranberry will clash with my red couch.

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