Thursday, August 07, 2008

Wednesday in New Jersey

It's been ages since we've been to an amusement park. We have one not too far from here, but somehow we never get around to going. The truth is we tend to do more fun things when we're away from home on vacation. That's pretty typical, I suppose. So, if I want to do something fun, we're going to need to get away, maybe on a family beach vacation to New Jersey. There's a really great-looking park there called Morey's Piers, and I would love to go there.

They have special deals every day of the week, and I've found the perfect deal, for me and Jeffrey, definitely not for the kids, though. Listen to this:

Take a turn on each Xtreme ride, then enjoy unlimited rides on all six roller coasters AND AtmosFEAR.

Oh yeah - unlimited roller coasters! My kids are wimps. They won't want to have anything to do with those roller coasters. Instead they'll want to spend time at the New Jersey waterparks. Morey's Piers has those, too. They have one called Raging Waters that looks like lots of fun.

Morey's Piers looks like a great place for a New Jersey vacation, and you can even book your hotel on their website. I guess I only have two questions - When can we go? and is it still considered a family vacation if we're not actually spending time together? There's so much to do at Morey's Piers, I'm sure we could find something we'd all enjoy doing together, if it's only eating pizza.