Thursday, August 28, 2008

Full Color Brochures

VistaPrint says that your budget should never force you to decide how many colors you can afford on your custom Brochures. I love that idea, because all those years we were putting together the school calendar, we never had the budget to use more than one color. Even one more color would have made a huge difference. Imagine if you want to put together a brochure to introduce and promote your company. You'll make a bigger impact and better impression with full color.

VistaPrint makes it easy to create your own brochures. Start with one of their templates, add images and text. VistaPrint has over 70,000 images to choose from, or you can upload your own. If you've already designed a brochure on your own computer, you can upload the file for printing. There is a one-time fee for uploaded images and files, but you can use that image in future orders at no additional cost.

VistaPrint lets you order your brochures in whatever quantities you need, and even in small quantities, offers the best value. Printing isn't quite the involved process it used to be, so the cost is lower, and VistaPrint believes in passing the savings on to their customers. For even more savings, enter the coupon code FreeBrochures08 to get 25 Free Brochures with your order.