Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Fancy Jewelry

I was so excited to receive a strand of freshwater pearls from in the mail a few days ago. I've never had real pearls. One look at these gorgeous black pearls, and I was in love. Of course I had to show Cory, and do the Pretty Woman snap the box shut thing. I never even had jewelry that came in a fancy box like that.So I've been wearing the pearls around the house, wondering why I never had pearls before. Now I remember - I always thought they were too expensive to even consider, but browsing the site, I realize they come in a wide range of prices. And yes, they can be expensive, but Pearl Paradise sells them at significant savings over traditional retail. If you want to buy pearls, this looks like the place to do it.

There's also a lot of information on the site about how pearls are formed, the difference between natural and cultured pearls, how to choose pearl size and necklace length, and how to take care of your pearls once you have them.

Thank you so much Pearl Paradise! I love muscles - mussels - pearls!