Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School Registration

I've got to register the kids for school today. I was filling out the paperwork this morning, and I had to stop and think, and double-check. I had to fill in the student's name and grade on each sheet. Grade 12. Grade 11. Seriously? How did that happen? It seems just yesterday they were cute little things starting kindergarten and first grade.

Registration shouldn't be too difficult this year because they sent the paperwork ahead of time, instead of having to pick it up and fill it out there. Both kids need to get their schedules finalized. Every year Cory has to get them to add Jazz Band to his schedule because they leave it off for some reason. This year I watched him fill it in on his schedule, and still they left it off. Beth has to figure out whether she's graduating after first semester or going to be able to take some classes at WCTC through the Youth Options program. I hope she gets to take the classes, because that means at least some of her schooling is paid for.

The thing that always bothers me is that there's no list of fees or even an idea of what it's going to cost me. The secretary just adds up this, that and the other thing and gives me the grand total. I did look it up, and last year it cost me $216, so I guess I can figure somewhere around there. I guess overall that's not so bad, right?