Thursday, August 28, 2008

Do You Like This Movado?

Practically every time we're in a store together, Jeffrey wants me to look at watches with him. Do I like this one? Do I like that one? I must admit that a lot of times I don't like the ones he likes. So he keeps looking.

Maybe I'll surprise him by linking him to these Movado watches at, and I'll ask him which ones he likes. He'll be surprised because I don't usually pay any attention to watches. I own a couple, but I never wear them, and the batteries are dead. When I'm at home, I have clocks on the wall, and when I go out, I take my cell phone. Who needs a watch? Jeffrey and Cory, I guess. Neither one of them likes to leave the house without his watch, and Jeffrey wears his all the time, just taking it off to go to bed. He tells me that's normal.

I suppose his watch isn't just for telling time. It's an accessory. It's jewelry, and a reflection of who he is. There are some pretty nice looking Movado watches at, at significant savings off the list price. They also give you a free watch with purchase and free shipping. I'm having a hard time figuring out which one(s) I like best.

I can just see it now - we won't even have to leave home. Jeffrey will be sitting in his chair, looking at watches on his laptop and asking me which one I like. He's already doing it with motorcycles and computers. Why not watches? He may just find the one, or actually the two, since he'd get a free one, too.