Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Relax in a Nice Bath

It really has been a while since I took a bubble bath, or any kind of bath for that matter. Showers are just so much quicker, and I don't take the time to relax in the tub. With two teenagers in the house, you'd think I'd need to more often, but I don't. It's like showers are the norm, and baths are a luxury.

When we were building our house, I would have loved to put a whirlpool tub into our master bathroom. Again with the luxury thing, it just cost more than we had to spend at the time. So we have a basic one piece tub and shower surround, and it works fine. Still, I like the idea of having a whirlpool tub and maybe one of these days we can visit the bathtubs store at Simply Bathtubs and pick one out. They have all kinds of them - drop in, free standing, and clawfoot. Did you know you could buy a clawfoot whirlpool tub? I didn't until I visited this site. I'm not sure clawfoot tubs are my style, but I think they're really nice.

Probably our biggest question if we ever decide to get one of these will be what kind of tub will fit in our bathroom and how are we going to get it in there. You can search on the site by style, length, and price, and, if you still have questions, the people at Simply Bathtubs are ready to answer questions by phone or email and to give advice about getting the right bathtub. I'm sure they've helped other people with the same thing and helped them figure out whether they wanted a drop-in tub or whether free standing bathtubs would be a better fit.

Simply Bathtubs has many different sizes and styles of bathtubs. Their prices are supposed to be the best possible. All the tubs are listed both with the list price and the Simply Bathtubs price, so you can see how much you can save by ordering from them. And shipping is free, every day. Even with these savings, I'm sure it will be a while before we replace our tub. Hopefully we won't need to be looking at the discount walk in bathtubs by then, but Simply Bathtubs has those, too.