Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Love Me a Man in Leather

Jeffrey has been riding his motorcycle back and forth to work this week, every day so far. Still he must not be getting enough of riding the bike.

Cory drove me around while I did some shopping today. I bought important stuff like lettuce and nectarines and milk. I also bought some shorts at Walgreens. I bought a couple pair of them last year for $3 each, I think, but now they are on clearance for 99¢. So I bought 3 pair. Then, after I got home and tried them on, I realized I grabbed the wrong size. For some reason I thought I needed a small. Some things I really do need a small, but these smalls are just too tight on my rear end. I know I would not be comfortable wearing them, without wearing a long, baggy t-shirt.

When I mentioned this, and how, at that price, they would probably all be gone by the time I got back over there, Jeffrey offered to go exchange them for me. He did ask Cory if he wanted to drive him over there, but Cory didn't. So Jeffrey put on his jeans, boots, leather jacket and helmet, and rode the bike to Walgreens to exchange my shorts. Sweet, isn't he?

Yes, he is sweet, but I think he really just wanted an excuse to ride the bike.

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