Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just My Size coupon, No Matter How Small

I spent a while this afternoon cutting out coupons. Mostly we just get the Sunday paper for the ads and the coupons, but I hadn't cut them out in several weeks. One of the things I hate most is buying something and then realizing I had a coupon for it at home. Every little bit helps, and I'm all for saving as much money as possible.

The same goes for using online coupons. I love shopping online because of the convenience, and oftentimes the price is better. I'm especially happy when I get free shipping, too. Still, that's not good enough if there's any possibility of saving even more. Did I mention that I'm a little obsessive, and cheap? Yep, that's me. If there's a coupon code, I want to use it. I was even excited when I found a code some Micro SD cards I ordered were $9.50 each instead of $10 each. Since I ordered 4, that meant I saved $2. Some people might not think $2 is much, but that's $2 that I can use for something else, like gas! Or put it in the bank and save it for later. See, any coupon is a Just My Size coupon! I'm happy with the little ones, and I'm even happier with the big ones.

Savings.com looks like a helpful site for finding online coupon codes. Members find the coupons and rate the coupons, so it's easy to see which coupons are the most useful and popular. It's easy to search by merchant or category. I'll be checking this site next time I'm ready to buy something online.


  1. I need to start clipping coupons again. I swear my sister feeds a family of 5 very very well on about $60 a week and i feed my family of 5 on about $150 per week. Definitely a HUGE difference.

  2. Coupons definitely do make a difference, as well as buying things when they're on sale and being sure you use the things you have. There are only 4 of us, though Beth doesn't eat much more than breakfast here, and I get $300/month for groceries, cleaning supplies, toiletries and whatever else we need around the house. I don't mean to be nosy, but what are you getting for $150/week? Maybe you should start shopping with your sister so you can see how she does it?

  3. There are several ways to save money online but i think the best way for saving money is online coupons.

  4. Using coupon codes is a great way to save money. I like to recommend KindCoupons.org for more coupon codes.


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