Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So Tired

These guys kept me up too late last night. They were amazing and so much fun to watch.

Is anyone else missing sleep because of the Olympics? I just have a hard time turning it off. And that's just on TV. There is all kinds of content online, too:
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I especially like the swimming, diving, gymnastics, and beach volleyball. Right now I'm sort of ignoring tennis, but I do have it on. Today I also watched some water polo and a really strange sport that I think is called handball. It kind of looks like soccer, except that the players can pick the ball up, toss it around, and throw it into the goal.

I just heard that Michael Phelps has reached his limit of MySpace friends, so I guess it's too late to be one of his friends. Bummer! He's so awesome, and his dog is such a cutie, too.


  1. I'm exhausted too but it wasn't the olympics keeping me up last night. John was sick and he woke Aidan up so we were up all night. :o(

  2. Hi Anna, I've been staying up late to watch the Olympics too!... though I haven't been feeling tired the next day. After waking up I take a 6 Hour Power energy shot. Have you ever tried one?

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