Saturday, August 09, 2008

Our Soon-to-Be Patio

We're still waiting, but by the end of the month we're supposed to have some holes drilled out back. We're waiting because the guy who is going to do it has been really busy with real work. He's doing it as a favor because Jeffrey helped them re-design their cabin.

Jeffrey and Cory moved all the rocks from out back, and Jeffrey has it all measured out and marked. He wants to at least get the posts for the pergola put in. He was thinking get the pergola built and then put in the patio, but we were talking to a guy who does landscaping and patios at the fair last weekend, and he said do the patio first and then the pergola. Whichever way we do it, the posts at least need to be there first, because you wouldn't want to get the patio all finished and then have to come in and move pavers and dig things up to put in the posts, right?

We won't be needing patio furniture covers any time soon, but at least we're moving in that direction. I'm already looking forward to being able to sit out there and have my coffee in the mornings. I can even take my laptop, because there's power out there!


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  2. K I am caught up I hope it gets started and pretty much done before it starts getting cold.


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