Friday, August 01, 2008

I Need a Title for This Post

Poor Cory. First he had to work all day at the fair, and then since we were going to the concert last night, he had to stay at the fair until that was over. Talk about a long day with a lot of standing and walking. He was moaning about needing some kind of gel insoles or something for his feet. I can sympathize because I used to be on my feet all day, too. I remember it took me at least a week to adjust and not have sore feet every day.

Also, since he's used to sleeping in, getting up at 6am yesterday, then not getting home until after 11pm and having to get up again this morning at 6am was hard on him, or so he thinks. But he's young, he'll survive. Any ideas whether lack of sleep causes blackheads or not? Still, he won't die. We're the parents. We're much older than he is, and we got up early and got to bed late and got up early again, too.

You know? I'm glad tomorrow is Saturday so we can sleep in.


  1. Ecck I hate blackheads, but I think the sleep thing is just a rumour.

  2. As long as there's still kids in our house, I think 'nice and pleasant' sleep is still in our DREAM :)


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