Thursday, August 21, 2008


As you have noticed by now, I changed my blog layout. I'm liking it. I just wanted to give credit for the original design to FinalSense. They have all kinds of great looking Free Blogger templates. I found one that I liked, and then I modified it. Here's the original:

I changed some colors, added my own pictures, and came up with what I have now.

FinalSense has so many different templates, it's easy to find one you like, just the way it is. Choosing one is the hard part.


  1. I'll check them out, i said I wouldn't change again but the template i got the other day freaked out and i can't fix it, grrrrrrrrrrr. So now i have this break in the middle of my banner.

  2. I do like the new look, and the changes you made are just perfect.

  3. I love the new pictures. Just thought I would let you know what shows up in my email when you post -

    Beth & Cory's Mom

    That is what is under FROM


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