Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bogger Comments, Revisited

Did you happen to notice that you can once again leave your url when you comment on Blogger? I'm not sure when they fixed it, but I just noticed today. Now, when you choose 'nickname' you can not only leave your name, but there is a box for your url, too.

Also, Hootin' Anni posted instructions for fixing the comment pop-up problems some of us have been having when using Firefox. You know, when the comment box is about 1 inch wide, and you can't even see the box to enter your comments? Very frustrating, but it can be fixed! I followed her instructions, and now I can comment on her blog. She has right-click disabled, so I couldn't use my fix - which is to right-click and open the comments in a new tab.

This has nothing much to do with comments, but do you know how hard is is to type anything when the 'l' key refuses to work on a regular basis? I have to sit here and hit it repeatedly until it finally decides to give me an 'L' - that's why my title says "Bogger comments" instead of "Blogger"