Friday, December 21, 2007

Sky Watch Friday (#2)

I was hoping to get some new pictures, but I didn't. That's OK, because I've got plenty of sky pictures on my computer that just need to be shared. This one is from my morning walk - taken in February. I don't always take my camera when I go for my walk. This time of year it's dark anyway, and I end up freezing my fingers if I try taking pictures. February was pretty cold, too, but it's hard to resist such blue skies, clouds and sunrise.

Morning Sky

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  1. One should always always carry a camera! What would have happened if you had missed this great picture?

    BTW - I left a comment about Blogger on your other blog - missed this one.

    PS Have nice Christmas and thank you for nice comments!

  2. wow....a good start for the day, nice shot

  3. What a great shot - the scatter cloud has such a nice pattern.

    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Beautiful photo! I'm going to LOVE visiting your Sky Watch Friday shots!


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