Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Could Get Into Beach Culture

After shoveling the driveway twice today, I am thinking maybe I should live somewhere warm, somewhere on a beach. Yes, that would be nice. I do believe I could get into the beach lifestyle, at least the part where I lay in the sand, read a book, and work on my tan. That's not really true. I also like playing in the water and diving through the waves, and I would really like to play some beach volleyball, if I could find a swimsuit I'm not afraid of falling out of. Maybe board shorts and a t-shirt?

SurfExpo.com is a new news and community web site based on the surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, bikini, fashion, apparel, and beach culture markets. The web site is brought to you from Surf Expo, the longest-running surf trade show in the world. Surf Expo holds two shows a year in Orlando, Florida.

I've already admitted that I never had a chance to learn to surf. I don't know how to skateboard, and the only place I wear a bikini is in my own backyard. Still, I'm enjoying being able to browse this site. There are some rotating slides of featured products. Some of those look really interesting, even for people who don't surf, skate, or even live near a beach. There is some UV swimwear for kids, that will help ptotect kids from the sun, while also being fun to wear. I also like the looks of the rebagz recycled handbags. Clicking on the picture takes you to the product's web site for more information.

Along with information about new products and companies, there is also an interesting section with news from the world of board sports, photo galleries, and blogs written by Surf Expo staff members. It's a good way to learn any and everything there is to know about the world of surfing, skateboarding, and beach culture.

brought to you by SurfExpo.com