Tuesday, December 18, 2007

He Used to Hunt

Speaking of that cute guy I married, back when we lived in Illinois he used to like to go hunting on the weekends. The only problem was that he had to go so far from home and be gone all day long, from early morning to night. Now we live in Wisconsin, right on the edge of the State Forest, and he doesn't hunt any more.

He still has a lot of his hunting gear, so he could take it up again. Of course, he'd probably need some new stuff too. Hunting & Recreation Business Mall specializes in top quality outdoor sports products. He can download the new 2008 Texas Hunter Catalog or order a Deer Feeder or Deer Blind. All products are factory-direct and new.


  1. By the way, regarding the Firefox Browser and Blogger pop up comments. I just finished the 'how-to' on overriding the configuration for bloggers 'unresizable' function. I too use Firefox and I've done this little ditty, and after that, all pop up comment windows can be maximized!!

    It's easy. I think I made it clear on how to do it. And I used a screen shot for you. It's up on my blog now.

  2. My son's girlfriend is a computer geek...LOL, she has taught me tons of little secrets on the workings of a computer.

    Glad I could help.

  3. Poppin in to say Hi, things are crazy here and I have to go get the kids at school in a few minutes but wanted to take some time to visit...

    Christmas is getting close, are you ready...I guess the question is...is anyone ever ready?

    If you have time check out my new Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer...I love it. and the video was fun!

    Have a great day
    Happy Holidays to you and your family

  4. John and Aurora LOVE deer meat, but I can't even stand to cook it! Way too strong for me.

  5. Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog & commenting! You have a cute site here! *HUGS*

  6. I am tagging you with a meme...come by and hop on the train


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