Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sky Watch Friday (#3)

I started taking pictures of the sunset on Tuesday. It's amazing how much the sky can change in a little under an hour!

At 4:53pm, this is what I saw when I looked down the street:

Then, at 5:12pm, I looked out my back door:

About a half hour later, at 5:40pm, it had all changed again:

If you enjoy watching the sky as much as I do, you'll love visiting other Sky Watch Friday participants.


  1. Wow that is great that you got to take the photos in all those different time frames.Isn't it amazing ?

  2. Twin souls - I had the same idea, but implemented it in another way. Have a look if you have a minute to spare!

    I loved yours.

  3. Beautiful, amazing, very good skywatch

  4. Beautiful sunset, great catch! I love the progress.

  5. Those are so beautiful! I especially like the last one where the sky is all red and pink.

  6. Awesome sky photos.
    I am Digitalshuttermaian and I just join this awesome blog roll.
    Nice to meet you


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