Sunday, December 09, 2007

How to Get Beth to Read

I've said before how Beth 'hates' to read. Because I've always enjoyed reading so much, it is really hard for me to understand. Once in a while she finds something that captures her interest, like the Harry Potter books. She's read every one of those. She also likes the Alex Cross books by James Patterson. Other than that, I've tried suggesting books and tried getting her interested, but I haven't had much luck.

The other night, she came home from work and showed me how much she had read. Yes, she took a book to work and read while she was at work. Her job is to stand in the fitting room and wait for customers to come in and want to try clothes on. Between customers, she's got nothing to do, and it gets really, really boring. She was talking to someone at work who used to do the exact same job, and she mentioned that she used to read. As long as Beth doesn't ignore any customers, no one is going to mind. So, she grabbed a Jeffery Deaver book I have around here and took it to work. She actually read a book! She got pretty far, too, and I think she's enjoying it.

She forgot to take the book to work today, but I think she'll be taking it in the future. You know, she's been bored in the past, and I suggested reading. For some reason, she didn't listen to me. Typical Beth. It always has to be her idea.


  1. That is great...anything to get them to read!! :)

    The Egel Nest

  2. Sometimes I am not so sure how we made it to the age we are,,, The older our kids get the dumber we get.... Mine never listen to me about stuff like that.. AND when it comes to boys stuff my girls go to daddy... go figure. have a nice week

  3. I LOVE to read. I'm addicted to books. I also love James Patterson. Has she read the Women's Murder Club books by James Patterson? Those are my favorites!

  4. I too love reading but often spend too much time reading blogs than books..

    My kids are just like that, if you ask/suggest/tell them anything they don't want to do it.. always has to be their own ideas..


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