Thursday, December 06, 2007

Look, No Gears

Now that it's winter here in Wisconsin, the best form of exercise seems to be shoveling the driveway. Jeffrey has shoveled a couple of times, but it usually seems to end up being my job - mostly because I get up first in the mornings, and I can shovel the driveway while Jeffrey gets ready for work and the kids get ready for school. Cory used to get up and help me, but that was before he got into middle school and had to leave the house earlier in order to catch the bus. Now it's just me.

When there's no snow to shovel, I still walk my two miles every morning, unless the wind chill goes lower than -20°. Then I stay in. Otherwise, I walk two miles every weekday, year 'round.

A few years ago Jeffrey bought himself a new bike so he could start getting some exercise. Of course, it wouldn't do him any good in this kind of weather, but he really hasn't ridden that bike in quite a while. I even got a new bike so we could all go for bike rides as a family. The kids already had bikes. We did go for a few family bike rides. Actually, Jeffrey, Cory and I rode our bikes, and Beth came along on her roller blades. It was kind of fun, but I am going to tell you that I'm still not completely comfortable on my new bike. It has gears, and I have to understand how and when I'm supposed to shift those gears. It's a little more complicated than any bike I've had before.

I probably would have been happy with one of these beach cruisers. Look, no gears, and no hand brakes. These comfortable, sturdy bikes are available for under $100 and can be personalized with custom design labels, too. Once I started looking at the bikes, I did get a little distracted. I started looking past the bikes to the beach. Can you really blame me? It's cold here in Wisconsin. I would love to be somewhere warm, close enough to the beach that I could ride my bike there and maybe even ride it along the boardwalk. I remember watching people skate at the beach, but I never thought I could do that. I'd be too afraid of falling down or falling out of my swimsuit. Riding the bike, though. I could handle that. Beth will do the skating.


  1. Not ridden my bike for weeks now either, it's always too dark or too wet... :(

  2. Not getting any biking done around here with the snow...

    I have some awards for you Anna..

    Nighty night


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