Friday, December 14, 2007

For All My Christmas-Crazy Friends

Here's an offer you might be interested in, and it is only available for 48 hours starting at 12:01am tomorrow - Free Christmas Music:
Starting December 15th (Saturday) and running for 48 hours only, you can download a free copy of Seriously West Coast Volume 2: Happy Holidays from the website (the Vancouver Sun). This is a collection of modern pop/soft rock/Christian Rock songs by artists such as Barenaked Ladies, Sarah McLachlan, and Jars of Clay. To repeat: this freebie is only available for 48 hours, so download it within that window starting December 15th.
I found this at Free Sample Forager. It was started by a guy named Dave, who started his 'free sampling hobby' in January. He spends hours scouring the Internet for legitimate offers of free samples - offers with no commitments and no strings attached. And then he shares them!

I downloaded a song by Brad Paisley and a Bruce Hornsby album from other offers listed on the site. And, it's not just about music and downloads, though. It's real offers for real products you can get mailed to your house - like magazines, posters, cat food, calendars, books, and more. I like free stuff, so I'll be checking it out periodically.


  1. I love free stuff, and I love Christmas music, so thanks for the link!

    And thanks for adding the directions to the comment field. It is so frustrating now, trying to comment on Blogspot blogs.

  2. now I have to go check it out... Hope your having a warm weekend.

  3. Two of my most favorite things in one, free stuff and Christmas!


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