Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Driving in the Snow

It's snowing tonight. It started this afternoon not too long after the kids got home. It didn't look too bad when Beth left for work. She had to be there at 4:30. I told her to be careful and especially when she got off work at 9pm. Shortly after she left, Cory and I went to the library, and the roads were already covered with snow. I really wouldn't have wanted to be driving very far, and my teenage daughter was out in it! Before she got her license, we made her drive in all kinds of conditions, so I know she is a good driver. Still, I'm her mom. It's my job to worry.

When I got home from the library, after dropping Cory off down the street at Pam's house, there was a message from Beth letting me know she made it - because I told her to call. Since I wasn't home, I didn't get to talk to her and see how the roads were or how she did. She's supposed to call when she gets off work too, so we know she's heading this way.


  1. Talking about worrying...My kids asked me this morning why I worry so much, I told them it's my job to worry, that's what mom's do...Trinity, my one and only darling little girl (7) says. Gees being a mom is a really stressful job isn't it. I hope you get paid lots of money... LOL

    Nothing worse than driving on messy roads. Hope Beth had a safe trip home...
    happy holiday

  2. I hate driving in the Wintertime! Tomorrow, I am supposed to fill in at the insurance company, and they are calling for snow. I won't get off work until dark, and it is supposed to be snowing. I'm already very nervous, because I don't do well driving in snow or the dark, and this is my first time doing it in this state, where I'm still not familiar with where I'm going. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

  3. THATY is the ONE thing I do NOT miss from back home. I would not want to be sittign hom with my kids out in the snow. I hope you get enough to make it feel like Christmas.....

  4. I hate driving on snow covered roads. I live in Canada and there is snow covered roads 5 months out of the year. Needless to say I don't drive to much in the winter.


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