Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chocolate and Basketball

If someone comes to your door selling Seroogy's chocolate bars, you are going to want to buy some. These things are amazing! So far I've had all of a dark chocolate bar, and shared a mint one with Cory. Beth had peanut butter and almond, and she gave me a taste of both of those. Wow! Good chocolate. It could be dangerous having all these boxes of candy bars in my basement. Except for that whole sugar gives me a headache thing.

I do wish some of these band students would start picking them up and selling them. I finally got a call last night from one of the moms. Her daughter needs two boxes. It's a start, anyway. There's a concert Monday night. I should probably take some boxes of candy bars, just in case someone wants to get some to sell. Oh, wait - I just checked the calendar, and it's a middle school concert. I don't have to go to that one. I do have to go to the basketball game tonight because Cory has to play in pep band. Maybe I'll take an extra box or two - besides the ones for the lady who called last night.

Sorry, I don't have any Seroogy's coupon codes. I wish I did. Just saying, because I came first on a Google search for 'Seroogy's coupon codes' - and I never actually used those words together - until now. Of course, there are only 6 items on the page, but still. I'm also the only non-sponsored results on the Goodsearch page.