Sunday, December 16, 2007

Free Online Greeting Cards

It has been ages since I've sent a letter by regular mail. Once in a while I send a card, but that doesn't happen very often either. Why should I go to the store, buy a card, and have to buy a stamp to mail it when there are so many great FREE online greeting cards? They're so much more fun than those static, printed cards, too. A lot of these cards are animated and have music. Also, you get to add your own text, instead of just trying to find the right card at the store.

One thing I don't like about some greeting card sites is they offer some free cards, but want you to pay for the ones you really want to send. I hate that. Kisseocards is different. All of their over 1000 greeting cards are FREE. They have cards for every occasion and even let you send cards in other languages. Since Cory is taking French in school, I'll bet he'd get a kick out of sending some free online greeting cards - in French. I'll have to send him the link.

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