Friday, December 21, 2007

DialaFlight, Take Me Away

English: A high resolution, aerial photograph ...
A high resolution, aerial photograph of the Vancouver International Airport. Taken from a Vancouver-Victoria sea plane.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
After dealing with a teenage daughter I just wish sometimes I could throw up my hands and just forget about it. She thinks she's so grown up and should be able to make her own decisions and do whatever she wants without asking for permission or even keeping us informed. Since I don't do anything around here anyway, I ought to look into some flights to Vancouver and just get away from it all. DialaFlight has cheap flights, and I can book the flight and the hotel all in one place. How convenient is that? I think I 'll look for a hotel with all the amenities and just let them take care of me. I found the perfect hotel right on the front page. It's called Sutton Place. It's a luxury hotel with a spa, sauna, and indoor pool, and it's got a AAA Five Diamond rating. Yeah, that sounds nice. I really will sit around and do nothing - or I could go sight-seeing. I hear Vancouver is really pretty. This hotel is close to the arts and entertainment districts, and steps away from some great shopping.

Actually, I wonder if taking a vacation with the daughter would be a better idea than taking a vacation from the daughter?

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