Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sleeping In Because That's What Teenagers Do

I know. I should have made her get up sooner, but I didn't. Usually when the kids are on break from school, I make them get up if I haven't seen them by 9 or 10. Today I just let them stay in bed as long as they wanted to - just to see how long they would actually stay there. I can't remember what time Cory got up. Yeah, I was paying close attention - some experiment this was. It wasn't too terribly late, and he had sort of been up earlier, long enough to let the cat into his room when she wanted in.

Yesterday he got up really early because I let Tillie into his room before I left to go walk. When I got back, they were both up. Today I let her in with him before I left. When I got back, Tillie was up, but Cory was still in bed. I don't think Tillie understands vacation. She thinks everything should work the same way it always does. She wants to get up first thing in the morning, say good morning to me, grab a quick snack, and then go wake Cory up. Cory doesn't want to wake up? Tillie doesn't care. She still wants to go in there. This morning I was just going to leave her out in the living room when I went to walk, but she started down the hall, all the time looking back to make sure I was coming. When she got to Cory's door, she stopped and just looked at the door, waiting for me to open it. So I did. How could I not? Cory didn't mind too much. He just snuggled her a little and then let her out when she wanted out, instead of getting up with her.

That's OK, because, by the time I got back in the house and finally sat down with my coffee, she was ready to snuggle me. Anyway, back to Beth. I thought I heard her moving around, but I was busy so I didn't check. Finally, I decided to check on her - at 1:30! No, there had been no moving around. She was still in bed. How can anyone stay in bed that long? She didn't even work very late last night. I hope she enjoyed it, because I am going to have to make sure she gets up at a halfway decent time for the rest of break.

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  1. 2 out of my 3 kids (not kids now though) can sleep just about all day given the chance.. I don't think I ever did that and I don't know how they do it either!


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