Thursday, December 06, 2007

We Want Our External Links Back

I'm sure by now you've noticed the change in the way Blogger handles comments. First they added the 'email follow up comments to' option, which is good. Then they went and changed the 'Other' option, which let visitors input their name and the link to their blog or website when they left a comment. That change isn't so good. I even used the 'Other' option sometimes so people would know which blog I wanted them to visit. Now all visitors who don't have a Google/Blogger identity have a choice of either leaving a 'nickname' or posting anonymously. Truthfully, though, what is the difference? Whether you enter a name or let yourself be known as 'anonymous' - if you can't enter your link, and I can't visit you, you really are anonymous. You could be anybody. You could claim to be anybody.

as Captain Lifecruiser said in her article Blogger sucks more than ever not allowing extern blog links:
A big part of the blogging pleasure is to get responses on your blog posts and visit each others blogs and this is hindering us to do that easily. I’m not saying this only because of the link backs, but because I want the process to go SMOOTHLY.
So, if you don't like the change either, here are a couple things you can do:
  • Tell Google/Blogger that you want the external linking feature back in comments - and then tell them again. Scroll down the page and select 'suggest a new feature' to tell them you want it back.
  • And in the meantime, do as some bloggers have started doing, and ask your visitors to leave their link in the comments so we can visit them back.
  • Those of you who don't have Blogger blogs, please keep visiting. Please keep commenting, and you can tell Google you want the external links feature back, too.


  1. I will have to tell google/blogger that we want it back...

    Just doing some blog hopping before meeting my sister and her kids for lunch.

    be back later

  2. I don't like this either. Since I have a typepad blog, I have just been typing in my url in the comments. Also, I tagged you for a super easy meme!


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