Monday, December 17, 2007

Heat in an Emergency

After reading Misty's account of their ice storm experiences and lack of heat due to the power outage, I'm wondering if there is some kind of heater we could get to prepare for such a thing. We lucked out last week and got more snow than ice, but such things can happen here, too. If the weather is really cold and the power goes out, what will we do? My parents heat their home with a wood stove, but we don't have anything like that. We either need to hurry up and get a fireplace, or we need to find a heater that doesn't rely on outside electric power.

I found some natural gas room heaters on the Desa Online Outlet website that do not require electricity to operate. Exactly what we would need - even if only one room was warm. We could all camp out around the heater, until the power comes back on. Family togetherness is good.

These heaters might even be good for regular use, considering how high our electric bill was last winter when we had the electric baseboard heat turned on in the basement. It might be worth changing them out just to save some money on the power bill. They say you can save 15% on home heating this winter.

They also have gas garage heaters that would make it more comfortable for Jeffrey to work out in the garage - even in the winter.

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  1. I hate it when the power goes out in the winter. IT'S SO COLD!!!!

  2. I guess I always take the heat for granted and should look into an alternative solution just sure can get cold without the heat...The weather is getting messy here again and we have strong winds that could possibly take out the electricity tonight...get the extra blankets ready. BRRR!

    I have an award for you Anna and I'm also tagging you with a meme..this one's a bit different. check it out.

    Happy Holidays

  3. Great idea Anna - Trust me, it was VERY cold!


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