Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm Never Doing That Again

That's what Beth said when she got home last night. It took her quite a bit longer than normal to get home from work, but she did make it home OK. It didn't sound like fun, though. She said the roads hadn't been plowed, and it was really hard seeing where she was on the road. I know what she means - and I avoid driving in those conditions as much as possible. It's bad enough driving at night and especially hard when you can't see the white line on the edge of the road. Unfortunately, she's probably going to have to do it again. That's just what happens when you live in Wisconsin. She works again Thursday night, and it's supposed to snow again, at least a little. Even though I know she can handle it, I'll still worry until she walks in the door. According to the news, there were quite a few people who didn't do so well last night and ended up in the ditch.
The Waukesha County Sheriff's Department reported that since Tuesday afternoon, more than 50 vehicles were in ditches and several others were involved in minor accidents.
People forget how to drive in the snow over the summer. I remember how. I just don't want to do it!


  1. I am glad Beth made it home safe!
    We are getting more snow today, my sister and her family drove 5 hours last night to come visit and my parents are coming tomorrow night. I just hope the snow holds off.

    have a great day

  2. Sounds scary! Not a thing we have to endure very often in England...

  3. I went through this yesterday. By the time I pulled in my driveway, I realized that my hands and fingers were clenched, I had my jaw clenched shut, and I hadn't breathed for awhile! I was glad to make it home!


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