Monday, December 24, 2007

Late Night Father/Daughter Adventure

It really did end up being a good thing Jeffrey didn't have to work today. Beth had to work until 11:30, and I knew we weren't going to get to bed very early. She called from work letting us know they were walking out the door. When they close the store, they all walk out together, I guess so no one gets to leave early while the rest of them have to do the work of straightening up the store. Either that, or they want to be sure no one gets locked in. Either way, she called to say she would be on her way home soon. The weather was rather nasty, with snowing and blowing, so we like to know when she heads this way.

She got home around midnight and said the roads were better than they had been when she went in to work. We were just happy she made it home safely. Then, as we were getting ready for bed, she realized she couldn't find her cell phone! She checked her coat pockets. She checked the car. She called Tim to see if it was in his car. (He met her at work, supposedly because he was already in the area shopping. She sat in his car while hers warmed up, and then he followed her home, to be sure she made it OK) Nope - no cell phone in Tim's car.

So, Beth and Tim wanted to go back to Marshall's and see if they could find it. No, we really did not want our teenage daughter out after midnight with her boyfriend. Instead, Jeffrey told her that he would go with her. We figured that if she had dropped it somewhere in the parking lot, the chances that it was still there and hadn't been run over were better right then than they would be in the morning - since the store was closed and there probably wouldn't be anyone driving in the parking lot. So, they left at 12:30am to go look for the cell phone.

They got back about an hour later. No, the phone was not in the parking lot. However, they did see something silver on a chair inside the door of the store that could have been the phone. Beth was sitting on that chair when she called to say she was heading home, and then she thought she put the phone in her coat pocket... So, there was nothing they could do about it then, and they came on home.

This morning early, Beth called the store, and yes, it was her phone. They found it and put it somewhere safe for her. So she got it back when she went to work this afternoon. I guess she lucked out there. I also think she owes her dad big time for going out with her and looking for that phone.


  1. I'm glad your daughter got her phone back.

    Have a blessed Christmas Anna! Wishing your whole family love, happiness and laughter.

  2. What a great dad! I'm glad she found her phone.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


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