Monday, November 24, 2008

Had to See a Movie

Eagle EyeImage via WikipediaWe had to go out yesterday because we just had to go to a movie. No, it wasn't Twilight. I'm one of the few who hasn't read any of those books. Cory read the first one, hated it, and said I shouldn't read it - so I didn't. He also said he'd disown me if I went to the movie. Looking at all the hype, I have decided to try reading the book anyway, and I've requested it from the library. Cory is supposed to be reading the 2nd one, because the girls said it was better than the first. It will be interesting to see what he thinks when he finally gets around to reading it.

Instead of Twilight, we went to see Eagle Eye, since we hadn't gotten to that one when it first came out. We had a Fandango credit for two movie tickets that was expiring the end of November, so we couldn't let that go to waste. We all enjoyed the movie. I don't remember hearing much about it, whether it did very well at the box office or not, but it was pretty good. Lots of action, a decent story line. It does get you to wondering... (if you've seen the movie, you know what I mean)

On the way to the movie, Jeffrey saw someone riding a motorcycle. He thought that was a little crazy and most likely very cold. He's already put his away for the winter, and this being Wisconsin, you would assume most people have and the motorcycle accident attorneys have headed south for the winter. We got a couple inches of snow early this morning, so that was probably the last ride of the season anyway.

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