Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Jazz Band Saved Me $68 $0

Wicked (musical)Image via WikipediaCory came home a week or so ago all excited because the Chicago field trip this year is a trip to see the musical Wicked. The cost of the trip? $68 - but that covers everything, transportation, tickets to the musical, and dinner, so not so bad, I guess.

A few days later Cory came home all disappointed, because there was a jazz band concert scheduled the same evening as the trip. For the trip they're leaving school at 1:30 and not getting back until midnight, and going on the trip would mean missing the jazz band concert - not an option. The band teacher said no, and the teacher coordinating the trip said no. And I said, "I love jazz band! It just saved me $68, and the saxophones sit in the front row."

Yesterday Cory found out that some other jazz band members had already signed up and paid for the Wicked field trip. I guess they didn't check first? Since they'd already paid for the field trip, the band director decided that he could move the concert to another evening. So he did, and Cory gets to go see Wicked after all.

He's excited, and I got to write a $68 check this morning to go along with his permission slip.
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  1. Kids are expensive eh! Oh well, their worth it I guess. LOL

  2. At least he has a teacher who is willing to work the schedule around other activities. For years here in the Dallas area, Thursday night is Varsity Hockey night. The high school choir teacher schedules all concerts fro Thursday night, makes it a mandatory grade to attend, and is unmoveable with the athletic director.


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