Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stimulating, Creative Toys

A few years ago we bought some magnetic toys you can use to build all kinds of things. They're really a lot of fun. I even played with them some, and talking about them makes me want to get them out again. Jeffrey and Cory had a lot of fun with them, and that's what makes me think they'd have a lot of fun with this MagNext iCoaster. Cory doesn't like riding roller coasters, but I bet he'd like playing with this one. It looks like so much fun. You can build different roller coasters and then send the magnetic balls rolling. It looks like those magnetic balls do some amazing things, all with good scientific explanations, I'm sure. They call it ultra-cool physics. Cory is taking Physics in school this year, so maybe he'll understand why it works. I don't think you have to actually understand why or how it works to enjoy it, but it looks like a really fun way to actually get to see some of the stuff he's learning.

I do think the boys could have a lot of fun playing with this, and that's just one of the toys you can learn about on the MEGA Brands website. Remember MEGA BLOKS? My kids had those when they were little. We might even still have some of them around here. I had no idea they had other things - like this coaster.

You can search the site by age, brand, price or category to find the perfect things for the 'kids' in your life. I'm going to see what else they have under magnets. You might like the mickey mouse figurine or some of the items from the Disney movie CARS. I like those, too. That was such a cute movie.

For each toy listed, they give you detailed views, downloadable instructions, TV commercials, a full description, and product benefits. With all that information, it should be easy to find the perfect toy(s), right? Then, once you decide which toys you want, just click on 'where to buy' to find out where you can get it.