Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Overstock Coupon Codes

Jeffrey finally made it back to the Christian book store to return the Bible we bought for Cory, the one we bought at the store and then I found a better deal online. I just can't help myself. I'm always looking for a way of saving money. Every little bit helps. In the future we might get a better deal at the same book store because I'm on their mailing list now, and just yesterday they sent me a catalog and some coupons. I've mentioned how much I like coupons, right? Sale prices are good, but sales prices and coupons are even better.

That's why these Overstock coupon codes are important. Overstock.com already sells everything at discount prices, which is good, but discount prices and coupons are even better. For instance, I found some boots I really like. They're similar to some I've seen advertised recently, but they cost less at Overstock.com - combine that with a coupon code, and I get an even better deal. I found one for 10% off any order over $45, which means I'd need to buy something besides the boots to use it. Luckily http://www.savings.com/m-OverStock.com-coupons.html also gives a link to all the clearance deals, so that makes it easy to find something to push my total up a few dollars, and then I can use my coupon. In the end it comes out cheaper, and I get more, too. I love a good deal.

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