Friday, November 07, 2008


The school musical is this weekend.  That means we will be there tonight, tomorrow night, and Sunday, and we've already been there practically every other night this week getting things set up.  Well, Jeffrey has, anyway.  Cory is in the musical, of course, and Jeffrey is running the sound.  I just help Jeffrey with whatever he needs, and take pictures.  Here's one of Cory in costume as Bill Sikes at last night's dress rehearsal:
aiptekI took this with my new little Aiptek camera, which we mainly got because it was $21 and wanted to try it for video.  (I'm looking for the same camera online now, and I can't find it for under about $70)     I'll take my regular camera for the actual performances, because it definitely takes better pictures, but this one's still fun to play with. 
There's some guy taking video of the whole thing, and he's going to use Jeffrey's recording for his audio to put together a DVD.  I'm not sure exactly what he's doing it for - maybe so everyone involved can have a copy to remember it by, for a nominal fee, of course.  That would be kind of neat, even better than the traditional t-shirt, which we already paid for.


  1. oo--oo--oo--oo i want a copy of the DVD!!! i was just thinking of how i was going to get down there to see the play, but if it comes on DVD, that would make my life much easier!

  2. Wow, that doesn't look like him! Great job on the costumes!

  3. Are you sure that's my grandson?

  4. I am not sure but I do not think my little play rat is going to be in this year,, she is saving up for a CAR!!!!! so I think she will be doing more working this time around


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