Friday, November 14, 2008

The Weekend, Finally!

Quantum of SolaceImage via WikipediaTwice yesterday I heard Thursday referred to as 'Friday Eve' - is that new? I never heard that before. It's like we all live our lives waiting for the weekend and doing whatever we can to hurry it along.

I must admit I do like weekends, mainly because we usually get to sleep in and get some extra rest. Last weekend we were busy with the school musical. While we did get to sleep in, we were also up late, so it was pretty tiring. I'm hoping to catch up on my rest this weekend.

We do have a few plans, nothing major like jetting off to las vegas nevada or anything. Cory is going with his friend Vanessa to meet one of his favorite authors tomorrow, John Green. He's taking his books and a couple of the library books to hopefully get them signed. Then Sunday we're going to see the new Bond movie - Quantum of Solace. I never used to like Bond movies, but they've grown on me. I especially liked the last one, Casino Royale, the first one with Daniel Craig as Bond, so I'm looking forward to this one. Daniel Craig is no Sean Connery, but I still thought he was pretty good.

I started reading some reviews suggested by Zemanta, but I'm not going to do it - maybe after. Seriously, movie reviews - if the reviewer loved the movie, I expect too much. If they hate the movie, well - I just want to make up my own mind.
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