Friday, November 14, 2008

She Wants to Quit

Beth keeps threatening to quit her job. I know it's tough working retail, because I've been there. Done that. I actually enjoyed my job once I moved into the office and the stockroom. :P

It doesn't seem to be the customers causing Beth problems, though. No, it's the other people she has to work with, the ones who have a little power and let it go to their head. Some of them are nice, though. The other day she called in because she had homework she needed to get done. The manager she talked to told her that her schoolwork comes first, and if she could get it done she could come in later and work 'til close. I realize they can't always be flexible like that, because they need people in the store when they need them, but that was really nice. It sounds like some of the other people aren't nearly as understanding.

Beth works a lot of hours, so it would be nice if work was at least tolerable. Every time she complains, we tell her she should use whatever free time she has to look for a new one, but so far she hasn't done anything about it but complain. I wonder if she realizes that if she quits her job without having a new one that she won't be able to have Work Release from school, and she won't be driving the car because she won't have any money to put gas in it? And since Tim doesn't drive (doesn't get his license back until May) she won't be seeing him either. I wonder if that's worth putting up with a few mean people at work?

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  1. hahaha I LOVE IT no they never see it that way at all,,,,,, even when Fawn got fired from her job cause of her car crash she didn't look fo rwork will AFTER I threatened to take the car away and even then I had to come up with money to cover it cause she DID get a job and needed the car to get there,,,, TEENS!!!!!!!


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