Sunday, November 09, 2008

It's Over

All that work - practicing for weeks, designing sets, planning costumes, learning songs and choreography - and just like that it's over. After today's performance, everything got taken down, packed up, and put away. Chairs got put away, the tarps covering the floor got folded up, the set was dismantled, the lights came down, and the sound system got taken down and packed up. The gym looks like a gym again.

We saw Oliver! four times - Thursday night dress rehearsal, and 3 performances, Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon. The kids all did a good job, and it was fun to watch them, but it is also good to have it over with. It certainly makes for a long weekend - and we were only wiring the performers for sound, not doing the actual performing.

Friday night the kids (high school) went out for their traditional Denny's get-together after the performance and didn't get home until late. Apples to ApplesSaturday night someone usually has a cast party in their home, but Cory hadn't heard of any plans so, a few minutes before we left for school, he asked if we could have it here. We said sure, as long as no one else had anything planned. I guess no one did, because we ended up with a basement full of teenagers after the performance. They played Wii, ate candy, drank soda, watched The Producers, played Apples to Apples, and just had fun hanging out. It's so nice that we have a basement where they can do that. We ordered a bunch of pizzas from Dominos - too many, because we had several left over, but that was nice because they were easy to warm up for dinner when we got home tonight. No one went hungry, anyway. We got everyone out of the house by 2am and finally got to bed. No wonder I'm tired - I'm not used to staying up that late.

Cory is worn out, but he had a lot of fun. He loves being on stage.

When he was thinking of going out for this part, he had people tell him that he's too nice. He could never play such a bad guy. Then, sometime during the course of rehearsals, he had someone else tell him that she didn't think he could ever play a nice guy. I guess that means he was doing a good job?

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