Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sky Watch Friday (#44)

It's (almost) Friday again, and that means
Sky Watch Friday!

Here are a couple pictures from today's sunrise.  I was out taking pictures when I should have been making sure Cory was out of bed.  He has Jazz Band on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and that means he has to be ready to leave the house at about 6:45am.  On other days he can wait to get out of bed until Jeffrey and I get back from our walk, but on Jazz Band days, he needs to get up right away.  Today, he didn't.

But I got these sunrise pics - and Cory did get ready and out of the house on time.  He was just a little rushed.

If you enjoy looking at the sky as much as I do, you'll want to check out Sky Watch Friday. You can enjoy skies from around the world!


  1. lovely colours..Im a bit lazy to wake up in the mornings and take pics of sunrises though

  2. lovely! lovely colors!!!sooooo pretty!!!!!!

  3. A beautiful sunrise! It makes it worth getting up so early.

  4. Sky looks like its going to erupt. Thanks for sharing!

    Regina In Pictures

  5. You have captured a gorgeous sky. The colors are so rich, just beautiful photos. I remember those days by the way :)

  6. I love early morning shots. These are stunning.

  7. Great pictures,wonderful colors.Thanks for sharing.Have a happy SWF:)

  8. Gorgeous photos! SunRISE, eh? I'm too much of a sleepy-head.


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