Thursday, November 13, 2008


Secure Digital card (SD)Image via WikipediaFor the last performance of the musical on Sunday, Cory wanted me to try and get it all on video. I had been taking pictures (you've seen them, right?) and got his song on video, but that was it. So, Cory emptied his 4GB SD card and gave that to me so I could get video.

I started with his card and my camera set on the highest quality video, and quickly saw I was going to run out of room. I adjusted the quality to get a little more time on the card, but still ended up filling Cory's card, a 2GB microSD card, and part of the 1GB card I had used Saturday night. I gave all the cards to Cory Sunday night when we got home so he could download all the videos to his computer.

Meanwhile, yesterday I was trying to get Jeffrey a copy of the video at work, so he could show some of the people he works with. It's as bad as being in high school where he works, because they have so many websites blocked. He can't get to YouTube or Vimeo, or any file storage/sharing site, so he couldn't get to the video there. I couldn't email the original file because it was too big for email. I did find that I could save a version for PDA, which was much smaller, from my video editing software. Except I had edited the video from my 1GB SD card without first copying to my computer - so I needed the card to save the video again.

I went into Cory's room and got it. I saved Jeffrey the PDA version of the video, emailed it to him, and forgot about it. Until last night, when Cory brought me the other two cards. Then I said, Oh, I took the 1GB card. Do you need it back? And that's when I found out that Cory had been looking everywhere for that card, because he thought he lost it. He thought it might have fallen off his desk into the trash, and the trash went out Tuesday night and got picked up yesterday. He was thinking he was going to have to come out and tell me he lost my card.

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