Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A New Interest in Golf

Jeffrey is always telling me I should go golfing with him. So far I haven't been interested. I've never actually tried playing golf, and the idea of trying to hit a little ball into a little hole I can't even see just sounds frustrating to me. If he ever gets to play on some Las Vegas Golf Courses, I might have to go with him anyway. Not because I really want to play, but because of thes Female Caddy Service offered at the Royal Links Golf Club there.

When golfers book a round of golf at the Royal Links Golf Club, they can also choose to hire one of these female caddies. These attractive young ladies will keep the golfers company and help with all things golf and course related. They’ll repair divots, fix ball marks, clean balls, clean clubs, and help with scorecards.

It's a very interesting idea, and probably a great idea for the single guys, but if Jeffrey tells me he wants to hire one of these Par Mates, then I'm going too. Not that I don't trust him or anything. I have a feeling some other people are going to be developing a new interest in golf, and not necessarily for the same reasons.