Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Official

Beth is graduating at semester. She was planning to, but then she was told that just because you want to graduate early, doesn't mean you get to. She has all the requirements and will have enough credits, but they also want to make sure people aren't just graduating and then doing nothing with their lives. She wants to go to WCTC to study Interior Design, but the program starts in the Fall, so she really can't get started Spring semester. She was worried that they wouldn't let her graduate because she's just going to be working the rest of the year and not going to school.

We met with the school principal and the counselor this morning to go over some things, and Beth is going to graduate early. She has to meet with the counselor to discuss what she needs to be doing now to get ready for school in the Spring, so she'll be doing that soon. Once the semester is over she can start working more - maybe, she's already working a lot. But hopefully she'll start saving some of the money she earns to help pay for school.

In a few years she can start decorating people's houses. Knowing her, she'll do a good job, right down to the pet beds.


  1. Congratulations to Beth!!!

  2. I've not actually cooked properly for a while now.. I think I've forgotten how to.

    Recently it's been microwave meals - not good but forgivable I think..

  3. Duhhhhhhh, I somehow put the comment on the wrong post.. sorry!!


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