Monday, November 17, 2008

Sears Has Layaway

The other day we saw a commercial about Sears Layaway. Cory didn't know what layaway was. Our society seems to run completely on instant gratification and credit, and layaway went out of style for a while, but it's back. I think it's great because it gives people a way to purchase the gifts they want for the holidays, without maxing out the credit cards. This is definitely not a time to max out the credit cards - as if any time is. With the layaway program, you find what you want, make a down payment, and make weekly payments. When your item is paid for, you get to take it home. No more payments. I think it will make people think a little harder about what they can afford, but still be able to take advantage of some good sales.

There are some items excluded from the Sears Layaway program, but most in-store merchandise is included. Cory would love some new Wii games, and Jeffrey has been wanting a snow blower for a long time. We could put it on layaway now, get it paid for, and bring it home in time for the winter snow. Maybe instead of games for the Wii, I should find Cory some new winter boots, so he can help with the snow shoveling/blowing. I somehow doubt he'd appreciate that, though he does need some new boots, since he grew out of his old ones.

For me I'm looking at toaster ovens. My toaster doesn't toast very well any more, and I'm thinking about getting a toaster oven to replace it, instead of just a toaster. Since toaster ovens cost a bit more than any old toaster, layaway might be a good way to pay for it.

What are you going to put on layaway?