Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Priorities, People!

Dancing with the Stars (U.S.Image via WikipediaNext week - Dancing with the Stars, the Finals. Except on our abc station, they're showing it at a 'special' time - after the football game and the news. Oh yeah, really special. One - those football games never follow any rules and go as long as they want so, Two - the news will be late, and Three - it's anybody's guess when this 'special' time will actually occur. Besides being way too late for normal people who have to get up in the morning to actually watch, it's now impossible to record because, again, it's anybody's guess when it is actually going to start.

Also, if you vote on these things via phone, you only have 30 minutes after the show ends to cast your vote. That means 30 minutes after the actual show ends, not 30 minutes after the 'special' show ends. Sorry, your vote does not count.

While it's irritating any time a football game or other sports event is shown in place of a regularly scheduled show, this is particularly bad because it's the Finals. If they had done this earlier in the season, when it didn't really matter, it wouldn't have been quite so bad. Still, I think sports should be confined to sports networks where the people who want to see them can find them but they don't interfere with more important things. Obviously, nobody asked me.
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  1. I would be so mad too! They did that where I live awhile ago, I didn't even know until I turned on the tv, that football was going to be on. I would be made if it was the finals! Like they really think your going to watch it at like 2 am. I'm sorry for you! I love Dancing With the Stars!


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